FAQs On Sundarban Tours

FAQs On Sundarban Tours


What should be the group size in Sundarbans tour?

There are some specialized boats that are designed for the small group to have the maximum chances to see the wildlife on a Sundarbans tour.  While you are on board with a maximum capacity of 6 people can cruise through the narrow creeks and canal and have a better maneuver feature which ultimately increases your chance to spot wildlife many times. 

Generally, all the traditional tour operators in Bangladesh operate tours in Sundarbans on a big boat with a group size of 30-40 people. A big group like these, in many cases, people end up experiencing very little or no wildlife from a close distance. Considering the fact of your time and money, we suggest only small group tours of a maximum of 6 people to give you the very best experience of Sundarbans. 


Sundarbans tour in Bangladesh part instead of India. Why is that?

sundarban Area in India and Bangladesh
Google Map Showing Sundarban Area - Photo Credit: thefinancialexpress

60% of the total area of Sundarbans area including 3 wildlife sanctuary is in Bangladesh part which is more diverse with its wildlife, flora, and fauna. In terms of duration of the Sundarbans tour, you will spend full 3-day inside the forest while doing the Sundarbans tour with us in Bangladesh but in the Indian part, you just can spend 1 day inside the forest while doing Sundarbans in the Indian part. 

In Bangladesh part of Sundarbans, you stay in a houseboat made of metal or wood with western style toilets in the remotest part of the Sundarbans anchoring in a different location each day. Concerned about the security? Surely, there will be armed forest guards on board for security during your stay at Sundarban. But in the Indian part of Sundarbans, you stay in the village hut and just go for a day excursion on engine boat and come back in the evening. 

we’ll take you to explore the creeks and canals deep inside the forest with a noiseless wooden rowboat in the early morning to give you an experience of morning wildlife in Sundarbans which is unique. You float on the canals quietly in the tranquilizing environment and get the best chance to spot wildlife and they do not flee because of human presence. 

In the comparison of the activities offered in the Indian part of Sundarbans,  in Bangladesh, it is full of activities such as hiking in the exclusive part of the forest, beach activities in the beautiful sandy beach, watching the wildlife climbing on the watchtower in the hurt of wildlife sanctuary, explore creeks and canals with a noiseless country boat that increase your chance to spotting wildlife, and visiting wildlife sanctuaries from the closest distance and so on. 


Sundarbans tour starts from where Khulna or Mongla?

If you start from Mongla then it takes only 10 mins to reach the first point of Sundarbans and if you start from Khulna it takes 3 hours to reach the first point of Sundarbans. Depending on your mood of transportation how you are reaching there it will be decided.

If you fly from Dhaka to Jessor airport then you directly will go to Mongla port to board on the boat or if you travel from Dhaka by Rocket Steamer in that case also you will be board from Mongla but if you travel by Bus or train which reaches to Khulna instead of Mongla, in that case, you will board from Khulna.

Nothing to lose so much, if you board from Khulna this tree hours cruising from Khulan to Sundarbans entry point is fascinating as you will cruise through a busy river and there are many sights on the bank of the river which you will definitely enjoy. But try to board on from Mongla. 


Should I go for a day tour in Sundarbans?

Never do it and don’t think you have done a complete tour of Sundarbans. No way!!! You might want a quick teste Sundarbans to save time and money but eventually, it would be a full waste of your time and money. You just will be in a picnic and ending up your tour visiting just an Eco Park and a zoo.

I will recommend rather save this 3-day Sundarbans tour for the future. A day tour is just a bad teste of Sundarbans, the home of majestic royal Bengal tiger and magical mangrove forest. If you did not pass a night inside the deep forest, then you can’t claim you have seen Sundarbans. 


What are the items I need to carry during the Sundarbans tour?

Torch / flashlight 


Camera with extra batteries. 

Mosquito repellent for the (mosquito nets are provided on a boat in the cabin) 

Sun protection (Hat, lotion, shades) 

Lightweight walking shoes, which won’t come off easily (During the activities you might be crossing muddy patches) 

Full sleeve clothes for walks in the forest and cool evenings ( Preferably not in bright colors) 

From November to February: warm clothes, as it can be very cold 

Hard drinks of your own 

Swimming gear & Towel 

Raincoat or umbrella.

Field guide of identification Book for your area of interest 

Any medication needed for yourself 

Reading the material, board games, etc.


What are the codes of ethics for visitors to the Sundarbans reserve forest?

Inform yourself about the Sundarban Reserve Forest before you visit. 

Dress in as dark as possible and garments that blend with the flora. Thus, this will help to minimize the impact on the fauna and increase your chances of seeing wildlife. 

Safety is important to you and your friends. Always ensure that armed forest guards and/or an experienced guide accompany you. They are your friends, and their knowledge and experience are essential for your protection. 

Whenever possible try to utilize boats to minimize your walks in the forest. Stop the boat engines when viewing wildlife and taking photographs. Leave the animals undisturbed. 

Please walk silently and in small groups in the forest, follow and respect the signs, remain in the areas of public access only and do not disturb the wildlife, ongoing research or the other visitors. 

Respect the fragility of the forest. Do not cut, extract and damage the flora. 

Dispose of waste properly or if no bins are available, bring it back with you when possible. Do not leave or throw or litter anything inside the forest, including cigarette butts. 

Respect the privacy and dignity of others. Always ask before photographing people. 

Do not buy, encourage or trace products from endangered plants or animals (skins, antlers, teeth, etc.) Hunting in the reserve forest is illegal. Fishing in the sanctuary areas is forbidden. 

Do not use any loudspeakers or create loud noise, or set bonfires inside the forest. 

Support the Forest Department initiatives and other conservation programs and organizations working to preserve the Sundarban Reserve Forest. 

Leave behind only footprints. Take only photographs. No graffiti. 


Check out our Sundarban Tour and our Package Tours to visit Sundarban, the UNESCO world heritage site. 


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