Popular Bangladeshi Food You Must Try

Popular Bangladeshi Food You Must Try


While scrolling down you will encounter some of the traditional dishes of Bangladesh. Most of them are to be found in traditional Bangladeshi restaurants, but only a few are home-made. If you want to taste the authenticity of those very items, you must try your luck to get yourself invited by any Bangladeshi family. Without any hesitation, you will get to taste them as the people of our country are very welcoming.


1. Morog polao

Morog Polal
Morog Polao Photo Source: www.msn.com

One of the most undeniable dishes to taste during your visit is Morog Polao. Here, “ Morog” refers to chicken meat which comes in a bulk size with the kind of rice known as “Polao”.  Infused with aromatic spices, yogurt, and ghee which makes it a rich flavorful dish. This dish has been the most common item for any occasion and found in every restaurant. One of the non-spicy dishes you can try. In some restaurants to avoid the richness of this Bengali cuisine, ghee and oil are used together. The way chicken is served along with the polao with an egg and the aroma in the air will increase the appetite and might make you go for more.


2. Plain rice.

Plain Rice Photo Source: Shamolbanglaresort

The most iconic dish is known as plain rice. The fun part is that you can try plain rice with a number of items. The starters are mainly mashed of potatoes, shutki(dry fish), vegetables or deep-fried items like potato, fish, and different vegetables served with patla daal(lentil). Afterward, you can order any curry of your taste chicken, beef, fish, and also vegetables. But, the traditional set of the menu includes rice and fish which is available in every restaurant. It is believed that a Bengali is known mostly for their having “rice with fish” for the meal. While you stay in this country you must try it once in your lunch or dinner.


3. Naan rooti

Naan Ruti, Photo Source: MSN

For evening snack grilled chicken holds the topmost choice of all. A big chunk of meat served with Naan Rooti, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, and mixed salad. Marinated with special spices and making it  super moist inside and crunchiness outside after the grilling, leaves the greatest of the greatest people’s tastebuds feel awe.


4. Halim

Halim, Photo Source: bangladeshmonitor.com

For luncheon or evening snacks Halim can be a satisfying item for you all. This dish is an unusual food menu for restaurants and rare to find. Only the upgraded or renowned restaurants will serve you this amazing subsistence. This is another slow-cooked dish that comes with a surprise when you get to taste it. A semi-liquid of thick lentils compound with wheat, barley, different spices, and small pieces of meat (beef,chicken, mutton) and the total processing might take up to 7-8 hours to cook. It results in a paste-like consistency, giving the flavor of the ingredients which were blended to generate such delicacy. This is one of the recommended dishes for the visitors in our country and we don’t want you to miss this.


5. Sheek kabab

Sheek Kebab, Photo Source: utshob.com

Sheek Kabab is available in most of the restaurants in any area during the evening time.. This is another cuisine served mostly in south Asian countries. It is mainly a meaty item made of minced beef or mutton. Meats are mixed with the spices, garlic, ginger, onions, coriander seeds, cumin, red chili crushed before putting it to the meat grinder . After the mincing process, it is moved to its final processing, marinating. 

The authenticity of this item lies in the procedure of marinating which can be of a minimum of three hours to a maximum of two days. Stuffing the minced meat on a skewer and making a bar-b-q of it (not more than 6-8 minutes) brings out this mouthwatering dish. Spending an evening while having this juicy dish won’t be a matter of regret. 


6. Fuchka

Fuchka, Photo Source: traveltarte.com

Hearing out the name that tempts and appeals a mouth-watering aroma of locals is known as “Fuchka”. It is widely renowned as the most popular street food in cities. The appearance of this very item differs from all others as you just don’t eat it, you make your way to eat it. Two types of item will be given to you. One of them holds the sour and spicy water with chickpeas, and another comes in a few round crispy hollow puris filled with a mixture of chat masala, mashed potatoes, and other goods. Pouring a spoon of that liquid inside a puri and having it in one gulp. It will be the most enjoyable thing to do in the evening. 


7. Paratha

Paratha, Photo Source: bangladeshfood.blogspot.com

A flatbread made of flour, the common traditional breakfast item. Tearing the paratha into small pieces and dipping it in the lentils(Mug dal/But dal)or even with mixed vegetables. Some would prefer fried eggs known as Dim Mumlet or any gravied curry. Mixing water with flour and then pressuring gently using palm is the initial stage of making parathas. Afterward making small balls as the size of a golf ball and using dough technique coating with oil, finishes the final process before frying it on the pan. Starting the day with this local dish can boost your energy. Two-three parathas would be enough for a regular consumer and served at a flexible price.


8. Kachi biriyani

Kachhi Biriyani, Photo Source: busy.org

One of the most mouth-watering dishes to taste is “Kachi Biriyani”. While making the foot-steps in this country it would be a shame for not trying this. This dish is commonly served in social gatherings or weddings to provide a happy meal for the guests. The traditional style of cooking biriyani is in a clay oven, and the cooking pot must be sealed with flour dough. The purpose of such an arrangement is to make the meat, rice, and potatoes being cooked in its own steam. During the cook aromatic spices plays the vital role of heightening the level of appetite of a person.

Apart from salad which is complimentary, but Shami Kabab and chutney are also served for delicacy. The most popular digestive drink known as Burhani, helps to digest while you are having solid food. This is definitely a must-try dish for all visitors from different regions.


9. Bhuna khichuri

Bhuna Khichuri Photo Credit: cookpad.com

This is one of the scrumptious items which is named as Bhuna Khichuri. It is basically made of rice and lentil, but the secret relies on the deep frying spices which spreads a beautiful aroma. Apart from many other dishes, this is slightly different as it has to be slow-cooked so that the flavors and spices could be infused. Technically, this is a braised food item, an updated form of plain khichuri. 

A popular exquisite meal Bhuna Khichuri is cooked either vegetables or meats including beef, chicken or mutton and also eggs or prawn might be added as per request. You can complete the lunch by making the entrance to any standard restaurants and you will definitely find it there.


10. Mishti doi

Mishti Doi, Photo Credit: ishitaunblogged.com

Among all the desert items to be found in here, Sweet Yogurt wins them all. It is a must dessert item for any occasion. People of our country goes by the name “Mishti Doi”. After lunch or dinner, a cup of it would be satisfying for all the sweet tooth. There is a slight difference between the plain yogurt and Mishti Doi due to the process of making. Mishti Doi resembles creamy cheesecake which is more thick and denser. Mixing milk with sugar or jiggery makes Mishti Doi a sweetening item for dessert. The main source of Mishiti Doi comes from Bogra and distributed among all other cities. It is served in small pottery cups or a medium-size bowl. This traditional dessert represents the Bengali culture and available in any corner of the city. So, for the dessert lovers, “Mishti Doi” can be a pleasurable experience. It is rare for people who visit this country and haven’t tasted the bogura’s sweet yogurt(Mishti Doii).


11. Doi chira

Doi Chira, Photo Credit: youtube

You will never find something like this dish “Doi Chira” anywhere in the world. Most surprisingly it has nothing to do with cooking. The word Chira actually refers to flat rice which happens to be soaked underwater for a longer period of time. Adding other ingredients like sweet fruits, extra sugar and sweet yogurt with the soaked rice and mixing it all together creates this delicious food item “Doi Chira”


12. Falooda

Faluda, Photo Credit: youtube

Falooda is another exciting dessert which is better when served cold. It is quite popular in this country. A lot of ingredients can be used to make this item. No cooking is needed except the making of vermicelli noodles which of wheat, arrowroot, cornstarch, or sago pearls.  Along with that, you will find the taste of rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, fruits, milk, jelly and often ice-cream. It is served in a big mug with both straw and a spoon.


13. Rasmalai

Roshmalai, Photo Credit: poorniseasycookbook.blogspot.com

Children to adults, everyone is fond of Rasmalai. If you look for any sweet shop, Rasmalai is available. The word malai is actually the clotted cream of milk with cardamom flavor and the flattened cheese ball is soaked in them. For the health-conscious people, while making the malai most of the fat is removed. Heating the milk about 80 °C in a non-homogenized manner for a couple of hours a big fat layer emerges on the surface that holds coagulated proteins which are later skimmed off.  Comilla’s  Rasmalai is the most popular in our country. A shop named Matri Bhandar in Comilla distributes in bulk to the rest of the areas. While roaming in Dhaka you can also visit “Alibaba Sweets” to taste a similar quality.


14. Borhani

Borhani, Photo Credit: farzanaromine.blogspot.com

Borhani is the traditional after meal drink for weddings or any kind of party. It has the savory taste rather than sweet. After a heavy meal, this spicy yogurt works as digestion too. Blended with mint, cumin, and yogurt, this semi-liquid drink is quite different from the drinks you have tasted in your life. It has higher possibilities to be your new favorite drinking item and can be easily made at home. You can find it in any restaurant which they sell in bottles, but, the authenticity lies in the home-made one.


15. Lassi

Lassi, Photo Credit: deals.weku.io

Lassi is one of the body cooling drinks that is enjoyed mostly in summertime. Chilling out with friends or family on a hot summer day can be refreshing for everyone.  By blending yogurt, milk powder, sugar and water form the sweet lassi. Sometimes different types of fruits are added in lassi, and then it is named after that fruit like mango lassi, banana lassi, strawberry lassi.


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