St. Martin Island, History, Location, how to go ?

St. Martin Island, History, Location, how to go ?


It’s the most exceptional island in southern Bangladesh.glittering sandy-coral beaches and surrounding sea with clear blue water, a huge number of coconut trees and plenty of fresh sea fishes that makes this location a splendid visitor spot since a long time. You can hire a bicycle to move around or by foot( only 8 sense the marvel of nature. Tired of walking/ride?

You can have fresh coconut juice to get chilled. Try to sketch your day trip with at least one-night halt & in full moon. After midnight, when all generator operated lights are off( no central electrical energy on the island)you appear at the sky. Stars flashing in the sky, a full moon is ecstatic, whispering of breeze and sea waves will give you a feeling of the heavenly atmosphere at St. Martin Island. This divine seems at night time is awesome. Be there & experience it!



St. Martin Island - Photo Credit:Muminur Rahman 

In which year this island was discovered could not be identified yet but few Arabic merchants gave this the name “Jinjira”. The merchant used to use this island to get some rest during traveling from Chittagong to South-East Asia. At the end of the 18th Century, few Bengali speaking Rakhain communities started to live on this island. Basically, they were mostly fishermen. Initially, there were many other kinds of trees were available on this island, but the fishermen started to plant coconut trees to get the source of sweet water. With the times the island became the coconut tree-based island. Later on, the name of this island changed into “Narikel Jinjira” which means the island of coconut. At the beginning of the 19th Century this island became the part British-India and the British Govt. gave the new name as St. Martin. 


How big the island is?

Tourist waiting from sea truck to land on the St. Martin Island - Photo Credit: Ifsanjry 

Geographical volume Saint Martin's Island is about 3 square kilometers long from north to south. The island is about 1.5 km long to the north and south. From the sea level, the average height of St. Martin's Island is 3.6 meters. About 5-7 km of coral wall covers the west-northwest side of St. Martin's. There is a small island of 5 to 7 square meters, known locally as “Chera deep” in English it is called a departed island. The Chera deep is an isolated island and It is possible to walk on this island during low tide, boats are needed during the high tide.


How to get there?

Most people travel to St. Marting Island during the visit to Cox’s Bazar. So, from Cox’s Bazar the only way to be at St. Martin Island is the waterway transportation. There are two points you can get boat or ship that leave for St. martin one is Cox’s Bazar and another one is Teknaf. But most of the time the boat service from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin is not operating. From Teknaf there is regular sea Truck, ships or shallow engine boat. But the demand for the sea truck is so high that it is really hard some time to get tickets. And seeing no other options people get the shallow engine fishing boat which is never suggested. If you have sea phobia don’t take it. For adventurous people, it’s a different case. 


Tourism in St. Martin Island

Tourists are enjoying in the Beach of St. Martin Island - Photo Credit: Jewel

November to February is the main tourist season and you will have the best weather but still, you need to keep on your eye on the weather forecast before you move to this island. It is possible to walk around St. Martin’s Island within the daytime including the Chera deep but it is strongly suggested to be back in the main part of the Island before the afternoon. It only measures only 8 square kilometers. There are only 7000 inhabitants most of them are fishermen. There are five shipping liners run daily trips to and from St. Martin Island and Teknaf. Among them, Keari Sindbad is the most comfortable and you can have a spectacular view of the hills from one side and the border of Myanmar from another side while cruising through the Naf river. 


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