Star Mosque, the mosque in Dhaka open for tourist to visit beautiful inside.

Star Mosque, the mosque in Dhaka open for tourist to visit beautiful inside.


The date of its establishment is still unknown, but it is guessed in the early half of the 19th century. As a fact, once a renowned Pir (Muslim saint) named Mirza Golam Pir, who grew up in here constructed this mosque. Before the completion, he died in the year 1860 and it remained unfinished.

In the year 1926, a businessman, Ali Jan Bepari took charge of this mosque and renovated it. Keeping the Mughal flavor alive, he just made it wider by adding a veranda and Japanese & English China tiles all over that place. In addition, there are five arches that are newly built on the veranda’s each corner on the east side. 

A child pryaing at the beautifuly designed Star Mosque
A child praying in the beautifully designed Star Mosque, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

Star mosque has been one of the finest tourist attractions due to its popularity among tourist places. It is situated in the heart of old Dhaka. If you have already visited the Armenian Church, it takes about 350 km north of the Armenian Church to reach this fabulous mosaic mosque.


Why the name is Star Mosque?

Inside the Star Mosque
Interior of the Star Mosque, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

The motifs of stars are the main reason to call this holy place as the star mosque or tara masjid in Bengali terms. When you will look at the domes which are made of white marble, you will see hundreds of blue stars decorated nicely on it.

Moreover, the motif of Mount Fuji looks stunning on the tiles of the outer area of the mosque and a big star-design on the upper side covers the facade.


Renovation & extension

Aerial View of the Star Mosque
Aerial view of the Star Mosque - Photo Source: flicker

Previously, it used to be three domes mosque but in 1987, it was converted to five domes mosque. The additional two domes were built with such nourishment that one of the finest materials named “Chini Tikri” mosaic was used and multi-colored china clay which was shaped like stars, fully covered the domes and extensions.

You will be amazed by the floral designed mosaic decorated with the three mihrabs and the entrance gates. Water reservoir which is used before the prayer as a pre-prayer ablution and a fountain, large star-shaped is another extravaganza for the tourists. People still come by and have their prayers peacefully under this sacred place on earth.


Tips for visiting the star mosque

Tourists Visiting Inside the Star Mosque
Tourists Visiting Inside the Star Mosque, Old Dhaka - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

There certain things that one must study before visiting this tourist place. The attire of both males and females has to be disciplined like covering the body fully. Wearing shorts or fancy dresses are prohibited here.

So, you make sure your clothes are in the fine line. Women must cover their hair and head which is an absolute necessity. Also, you cannot roam around during prayer time. Except for the praying times, you are allowed to visit the area.


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