Things to do at Bandarban

Things to do at Bandarban


Bandarban hill district since under the rule of the 14th century of Mru Kingdom has been in existence. In the present time, it covers an area of 4479 square kilometers surrounded by four lush green hilly ranges called Politai, Meranja, Tambang and Wailatong. It is at the same time home of different indigenous tribes who resides here since the medieval period. 

There is a population of 11 to 13 type of tribal group in the hills of Bandarban but largest population of Bawm depend on the farming and other agricultural activities for an income and most of them are absolutely illiterate. Most of them produce on the sloppy hill fruits, bamboo but especially tobacco. They produce their own need then rest they export to the other region of Bangladesh.

Mostly they produce such as fruits, bamboo, tobacco, and cotton primarily for local use in the villages, but some products are being exported from the Bandarban Hill District to other regions of Bangladesh. They also live a very simple existence and settlements are primitive and old traditions and cultures making their lifestyle authentic to Bangladesh. The originality of these tribes which makes the Bandarban a popular tourist attraction.


Things to do at Bandarban

For all Bangladeshi citizens, all the things mentioned you can do without permission directly from Bandarban District commissioner and other security agencies but for the foreigner, there have some restrictions to the activities mentioned. We can not specify what activity you can do from the list. But we can info you during your booking for the trip to Bandarban what the local authority advise us. only then we can clearly explain to you what activity the authority has approved for you for this trip. Being a local tour operator, we are authorized to do the tour in the Bandarban Hill tract area and we arrange the permission for the foreigner.


Boga Lake

Boga Lake, Bandarban
Boga Lake, Bandarban - Photo Credit: Rakibul Hasan 

Boga Lake is one of the fascinating natural lakes on the mountain top which is located at Bandarban District 18 km away from Ruma Sadar Upazila. There are numerous epics on the creation of this lake and the color of the water of the lake is stunning. A campfire beside the lake would be outstanding in the wintertime.  


Buddha Dhatu Jadi

It is also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple, the largest Theravada Buddhist temple. This is 10 km away from the Bandarban city center and one afternoon visiting at Golden Temple will be worthy. 


Chimbuk Hill

Chimbuk Hill helipad, Bandarban, Chittagong
Chimbuk Hill helipad, Bandarban, Chittagong - Photo Credit: Mostafiur Rahman Jewel

The 3rd highest mountain which accessible by car first time at such an altitude of 2500 feet above the sea level and it is just 26 km away from Bandarban. A jeep ride in the zigzag road to this charming hill on a sunny day will give you the feeling of floating in the cloud and watching the waves of hills beneath and find the root of the authentic and simple lifestyle of indigenous people. 



Meghla Parjatan Complex, 4 km away from the town on the road of Keranir hat is very popular with tourists come from all over Bangladesh. You will find a mini zoo, artificial lake, hanging bridge which turned this spot into a place for a picnic party. 



Nilachal, Bandarban
 Nilachal, Bandarban - Photo Credit: Sumon

To have a vast landscape of Bandarban city and a height of nearly 2000 feet altitude gives you an opportunity of spectacular snapping of the horizon. It is only 5 km away from Bandarban City. 


Nilgiri and Thanchi

Nilgiri, Bandarban
Nilgiri, Bandarban - Photo Credit: Md Faisal 

Nilgiri or Nil Giri, the tallest peaks and beautiful tourist spot, covered with the blanket of cloud in the rainy season and a fogy gesture in the winter, is about 46 km away from Bandarban city. The best experience will be if you can manage an overnight stay and experience the sunrise and sunset from a spectacular height of 3500 from sea level. 


Sangu River

Sangu River, cuitous course in the hill tracts up to Bandarban and finally falling into the Bay of Bengal after a course of 270 km is the key River in terms of the financial benefit of locals of Bandarban. In perspective of the beauty? It is stunning and a river cruise on Shangu rivers will give you a spectacular experience of hills, forests, waterfalls, rivers intersect in one frame. 


Other attraction

Apart from the list above, there are numerous activities you can do while you are in Bandarban. The other places of attraction in Bandarban as below:


Tribal Bazar- Local traders come in from across the district to buy and sell produce.

Shoilo Propat – A vigorous fall in the rainy season not so far from the city center. 

Upabon Parjatan – A wonderful gift of nature, lake, birds, stone, hanging bridge are the key attraction here. 

Rijuk Waterfall – A 300 feet high waterfall that flows down to the Shngu River

Prantik Lake – A 29 acres of a big lake with stunning natural beauty. 

Nafakhum and Remakri – One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh. 

Mirinja Parjatan – A spot from where you can view the Mohesh khali island. 

Keokradong – A trekking on the 2nd highest mountain is worthy. 



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