Things To Do At Sundarban

Things To Do At Sundarban


The world’s largest mangrove forest which is located in Southern Asia. Surrounded by the rives named Brahmaputra, Meghna and the confluence of Ganges, and this forest covers 10000 sq km of the area. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the Ramsar Convention declared it as a wetland site of international importance. Perhaps, our country holds only two-thirds of the Sundarban and the rest belong to India.

This forest is the residence of several species including the treasure of our country Royal Bengal Tiger, more than 30,000 spotted deer, reptiles of different classifications like cobras, pythons, other amphibians. Around 300 species of birds,  120 species of fish. A number of river dolphins, clawless otters, macaque, chital, and many others lead mammals of 42 species. While roaming here you will be acknowledged with the blessings of the hundreds of rivers, canals, creeks and the sovereignty of woods which provide the hope of life for all those species which are named or still remain unnamed. 

This mangrove forest holds the bond between two countries, India and Bangladesh, 60 percent could be explored during the visit to Sundarban in Bangladesh. The raw taste of this mangrove forest relies on this land as the rivers are the veins of the woods, creating a pristine environment.

A tour guide is compulsory for the tourists and highly restricted to make an entrance without any. On top of that, you may sustain from the false tour operator. So, below I will be giving you a list of sightseeing of Sundarbans of which you can make your trip worthwhile by comparing with the offerings that a guide might offer.

You must be aware of the things that you need to know before your visit to the largest mangrove forest. Just to make sure of your journey does not go in vain, below are given the best experiences you may conquer during the visit to Sundarban.


Early morning silent country boat trip 

The boat journey is definitely going to be a matter of interest for everyone who intends to find the in’s and out’s. Going through the river and canals, you will get the real vibe of this largest mangrove forest. Morning boat-ride through those narrow creeks and seeing the wilds summon near the water to complete their thirst on both water and preys. Commencing the day with an environment of noiseless noise will be a good start for exploring the forest. This the moment when you will get to see various wildlife at once, so make sure not to lose the chance by any means.


Explore serene Jamtola beach

Among all the beaches of Bangladesh, this Jamtola beach is known as the cleanest beach. Due to the less population density, this place remains calm and quiet. A picturesque view of nature after a good gauge walk to the beach residing by the bay of Bengal should be in the checklist of the tourists. It is a must-visit place for the recreation and enjoying the sound of cool breeze while reminiscing the journey, is the ultimate pleasure that you are going to experience. 


Discovery wildlife sanctuary

Being as much as close to wildlife is one of the major reasons to travel places like these. To fulfill your thirst Sundarban got a plethora of wildlife sanctuaries. But getting access is a bit tougher. The only accessible sanctuary is the Kotka Wildlife sanctuary. From a satisfying distance, you will have the opportunity to see deers, monkeys, crocodiles, and many other animals. A  tourist’s mandatory experience must be accomplished by visiting this wildlife sanctuary.


Afternoon birdwatching trip

This activity is also something like you do early in the morning with silent boat but this time you will see more birds than morning time and best for snapping birds in your camera in the golden hour of the day. 


Jungle trekking from Kochikhali to Kotka

Walking through the forest from Kochikhali to Kotka you will get to experience the insides of the jungle, an open field to relax, and then Jamtola seabeach which accumulates a 10km of the walking trail. While the walking period, make sure of wearing covered shoes to avoid getting hurt from spiky trees and grass. Being inside of the woods is a horrifying feeling that one might have and the long walk to the beach is going to be a tremendous experience for those.


See the animal feeding ground from the watchtower

Following the trail, there would appear an open field where you will find the Watch Tower. The arrangements of sweetwater tanks lure them all to gather in here to have it while the tourists watch most of them from the watchtower. But only a group of small will get the privilege to get the panoramic view of nature and wildlife, a stunning view to the tourists because many people cannot climb this watchtower at once.


Mud bath and mud walk

This is also one of the popular activities you must not miss while you are on a tour at Sundarbans. Having a bath with mud or the creation of self-statue with very rich herbal mud, which is absolutely pollution-free, is not only a fun part of this activity but also this fine mud is good for your skin.


Learn about river dolphins

Rare River Dolphin in the wildlife sanctuary, SundarbansRare River Dolphin in the wildlife sanctuary, Sundarbans -

Another even to participate in the Dolphin’s jumping. To clarify, these Dolphins are a rare species that could only be found in parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. These endangered mammals are known as the Ganges River Dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins. The areas that are declared sanctuary are Dhangmari, Chandoai, and Didhmukhi of eastern Sundarbans. Stopping by picking anyone among those three will give you a visual of these rare species.


Check out our Adventure Tour To Sundarbans to visit the home of majestic Royal Bengal Tiger and magical mangrove forest. 

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