Things To Do In Bangladesh

Things To Do In Bangladesh



1. SUNDARBANS - The largest mangrove forest on earth

Traveling to Sundarbans is one of the must-do activity and it on the top-rated among all because of the uniqueness of the Sundarbans in the world. It is not only the heritage of Bangladesh rather the UNESCO world heritage as declared by the UN. Sundarbans is the biggest mangrove forest on the planet and home of majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. This magnificent tourist spot is in the Southwestern part of Bangladesh. A stay of the 03 days in the houseboat and numerous activities in the wildlife sanctuary of Sundarbans is once in a lifetime experience. We strongly suggest traveling Sundarbans in a small group to have the maximum opportunity to see wildlife.  


2. OTTER FISHING - A thousand-year-old fishing technic.

Otter Fishing
Otters are having lunch Photo Credit: CBC NEWS

In the southern part of Bangladesh there are only two districts where you will see a thousand-year-old fishing technic. Yes, I am talking about otter fishing in Bangladesh. This is one of the best things to do that you can include in your things to do in Bangladesh. A technic where the fishermen catch the fish by using their domesticated otters. This otter population is taken care of by the fishermen and they bred in the captivity. in this tour, you will ride on the fishermen boat and see how the otters chase the fished in the net and the close relation between otters and fishermen. A tour to the otter fishing village also will give an experience simple livelihood of the fishermen in the village and the impact of climate change on why the otter population is reducing with the time passed. 


3. ROCKET STEAMER – Century-old paddle steamer journey

The paddle steamer which is also known as Rocket Steamer in Bangladesh. From the name you may think that this is one kind of fastest boat journey in the river. No, not at all !!!! rather this boat moves in a slower pace which gives you an opportunity for the lives of the people on the bank, the fishermen activities in the major rivers, the scenic beauty of riverine Bangladesh and so on.  There are many private shipping companies operate their boat in the same route with many advance features than the Rocket but to be on the rocket is not only the boat journey, it signifies the journey in a legendary waterway transport. You can go for a backwater trip at Barisal from the landing station of Rocket and also if you want, you can visit the UNESCO world heritage sites as Sixty domed mosque at Bagerhat and Sundarbans, the biggest mangrove forest on earth. 


4. SRIMANGAL – Home of picturesque tea gardens

Kakia Charra Tea Garden Photo Credit: Shiblee Sadik

Srimangal is one the key tourist place in Bangladesh and every year this region hosts thousand of both national and international tourists because of its unique natural beauty and friendly place for eco-tourism. The best feature is of this place this is the only place where you can go easily in 4 hours by train or luxurious bus. There are all ranges of accommodation available starting from the resort in the middle of the tea garden to bamboo made cottage of all budgets. This place in Bangladesh is a one of the best places for having green lashes of tea garden, reserve semi rain forests, waterfalls, home of different species of birds, numerous ethnic communities. You can go for a trekking in the reserve forest in the early morning to explore the wildlife and roaming around the pineapple and lemon orchard and have a sip of 7 layers tea in the tribal villages. 


5. ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES – A testimony of rich heritage

Shomapura Mahavihara Photo Credit: Minhaz Ahmed

In the northern part of Bangladesh, it is full of rich archaeological sites since the 4th century. The remarkable old treasure of archaeology is mostly covering the Buddhist circuit of Asia, the old terracotta designed Hindu temples and late 13th-century Muslim mosques. You will be wondered to see the lost civilization of Mahasthangarh, the oldest Buddhist monastery in the south of the Himalaya and gorgeous architecture artwork of temple and mosques. UNESCO has also recognized as world heritage, the Somapura Mahabihar. Having all those rich archaeological sites that area of Bangladesh has become one of the places of attraction in Bangladesh for the tourist who are passionate about exploration archaeological sites.   


6. CHITTAGONG & HILL TRACT – The port city and home of tribal people.

The port city and second biggest town of Bangladesh. This beautiful city is blended with rivers, lakes, hills, seabeach and numerous establishments since the British periods such as Rail station, circuit house, Foy’s lake amusement park and war cemetery of world war II. This city has also a gigantic ship breaking yard. After having a day tour in the Chittagong city, you continue your tour further to the hill tract area of Bangladesh that is Bandarban and Rangamati. These two places are very famous for its scenic beauty and unique culture of tribal people along with the lush green mountain everywhere. A river cruise in the Shangu river and Kaptai lake are worthy to complete a package tour in Bangladesh


7. OLD DHAKA – A center of heritage and authentic life.

Dhaka city tour is the perfect thing to do in Dhaka if you are in a short visit but want to explore the city, heritage, culture and its people. A day tour in the old Dhaka will be memorable and filled with experience as you will find a new story in every step while you stroll through backstreets. The sights and sound of old Dhaka, riding on a rickshaw, cruising on the local boat at Sadarghat, many historical establishments, numerous narrow streets full of activities that are mentioned in all the travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, Petit Fute and so on. 


8. COX'S BAZAR & ST. MARTIN ISLAND – The sandy beach and coral island

This is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh, particularly for the local tourist. A beach tour in the Cox’s Bazar should be in your list of the places to visit in Bangladesh as this place has everything you need for a perfect beach tour such as big waves, white sandy beach, waterfalls, marine drive, hills that follow the beach kilometers after kilometers, diversified ethnic community and so on. There are also some islands near Cox’s Bazar to keep you busy during the daytime. Especially, the coral island, St. Martin Island and Moheshkhali island are perfect for the day tour. In cox’s Bazar you will find the finest quality of hotel offering a lot of beach activities and savory seafood in the evening. 


9. SONARGAON & PANAM CITY – The old capital of Bengal and the lost city

A visit to Sonargaon and Panam city is the best thing to do in Bangladesh if you are on a short trip in Bangladesh but want to explore the countryside a bit and see the culture and heritage of Bengal. This tour to the outskirt of Dhaka covers the national art and folk museum which replicate our common life in a different part of Bangladesh, walking through the lost city that built by Hindu merchant, ancient archeological site since 15th century, a boat trip on the country boat and explore the primitive lives of isolated Char (the temporary river island that is the rise in the middle of the river due to the erosion of river bank)


10. BRASS & POTTERY VILLAGE – Exploration of some old professions 

Dhamrai the village very famous for metal craft where people still do the practice of a 1000-year-old technic to making the statue by the lost wax method. Another village just outskirts of Dhaka called Kakrain where you can see the people work with the clay and make beautiful household objects and many craft things. A full-day tour to the Brass and Pottery village will also give an opportunity to explore the village life of Bangladesh and get hands-on experience of pottery. 


11. NIJHUM DWIP -An island of deer and birds.

Nijhum Dwip Photo Credit: Shahadat Hossain

A relaxing tour for 2 nights in the Nijhum Dwip is one of the best things to do in Bangladesh. In Bengali Nijhum means tranquility. This island is named because of the unique feature of tranquility as this island is a paradise of birds and deer. You will find the deer’s here and there just open and residing side by side with the locals. Another best feature of this island you will find different species of birds because of the availability of the fish. There are also you will find mangrove lush green forest area that makes the serene environment in this small island.  



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