Passenger Ferry Boat & Sundarban Tour

+3 Destinations


  • Paddle Steamer (Locally called Rocket)
  • Overnight Ferry
  • Sundarban, UNESCO world heritage
  • Wildlife life sanctuary 
  • Cruising through narrow creeks and canals
  • Trekking through the forest
  • Beach activities and magical mangrove 
  • Night stay in the houseboat

The best Sundarbans experience you can have in Bangladesh having a Journey on a first-class cabin of century old Rocket Paddle Steamer from Dhaka to Hularhat, a tour that includes a full-day sightseeing at Old Dhaka and Bagerhat to visit Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil, 60 Dome Mosque, and Kodla Moth. This tour is an unique opportunity to visit 2 UNESCO world heritage site. First you will visit the 15th century Muslim city Bagerhat the next day after you will go for a full 3 days excursion to Sundarbans which is another UNESCO world heritage site, and home of Royal Bengal Tigers, monkeys, salt water crocodiles, sweet water dolphins, and many species of birds. 


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Day-01: Day-01: Old Dhaka tour and Journey on the passenger ferry boat

An English-speaking guide will meet you at your hotel lobby at 09 am to pick you up and will start Old Dhaka to do a whole day tour of old Dhaka including Dhakeshwari Temple, Lalbagh Fort, Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Ahsan Manjil, and Sadarghat River Station. You will take a lunch break at a decent local restaurant in Old Dhaka, and continue sightseeing till the evening. You also will enjoy a short boat ride at the Buriganga river in the evening on a wooden boat to experience the life of the people from another bank of the river and the life of the boatman. Embark passenger ferry boat at shadargaht at 6 pm then a memorable overnight journey in a passenger ferry boat to Hularhat. Overnight on the boat.

Day-02: Full day tour at Bagerhat, a worthy visit to UNESCO heritage.

Rocket Steamer will arrive around 9 am at Hularhat in the morning and the curing on the boat at morning time  will give you a chance to learn about the life of people who reside on the bank of river and different profession based on the river water.  After getting off the boat you will have a short drive of an hour towards Bagerhat  in an air-conditioned car and visit the  15th century Muslim city once called Khalifatabad, which is presently Bagerhat, an UNESCO protected world heritage site. For the whole day you’ll visit most of the remaining mosques from the 15th century city Khalifabad, such as 60 Dome Mosque, 09 Dome Mosque, Rono Bijoypur Mosque, and Singair Mosque. Also we’ll take you to visit the shrine of Khan Jahan Ali, the saint general from Turkey who came to spread Islam in the Indian sub-continent and founded this great city, and Kodla Moth – a very beautiful Hindu temple from 17th century. By the evening you will be exhausted and drive back to Khulna for overnight or Drive toward Mongla (Parjatan Hotel Pasur) to catch the boat to go to Sunderban next day.  

Day-03: Welcome to our Sundarban Adventure Cruise, the homeland of the tiger.

Just after completion of boarding, you will start the lifetime memory journey through the magical mangrove forest, you likely will be arriving in Kotka/ Kochikhali by late in the afternoon. Your expert guide will offer you some forest activities in the afternoon after reaching there and If only we are allowed by the daylight.  Enjoy the fascinating nature; hang on to the music of silence. Overnight and all meals onboard. The boat will be anchored nearby the forest station.

Day-04: Full day activities Kotka/Kochikahli

Early in the morning around 6 am (will depend on the weather situation) your guide will offer you a silent wooden rowing boat trip, which  is considered one of the must do activates during your stay at the home of tiger the magical forest , through the narrow creek for couples of hours and get back to the boat for breakfast. We will invite you to a six kilometer beach walk/ easy forest walk and beach activities for next couples of hours in between lunch and breakfast. After the beach activity return to the boat by lunch time, after lunch around 3:30pm an adventurous jungle walk will be offered by your guide. Soon after completion of your boarding on the boat you will start journey for the Pakhir Khal or at  convenient location for overnight stay by the forest station.

Day-05: Sundarbans: Visit Fishing Village & Crocodile Breeding Center

Today you will be offered a boat ride on the noiseless wooden row boat just after the sun rise and explore a canal near the forest station. Return to the main boat at 7.30 am and have breakfast. We’ll start our return journey toward Mongla from here through other small rivers and canals. You will visit a fishing village and Koromjal Crocodile Breeding Center on the way to Mongla. And finally you reach at Mongla late in the  afternoon, and drive back to Khulna for overnight journey to Dhaka or stay at Khulna and start journey next day morning by air or by train.  


Day-06: Retunr Journey from Khulna to Dhaka

To end the tour after breakfast, transfer to Khulna Railway Station. Depart for Dhaka on  by train on Chitra express which leaves at 8.30 am.  You will arrived at  Dhaka around 6 pm in the afternoon. You also another option to come to Dhaka by air from Jessor airport. First you will be transferred from Khulna to Jessor by airport shuttle service.


What's included

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What's included?

05 Nights accommodation with complementary breakfast in hotels and including on the house boat in sundarban as per intinerary  on twin sharing basis.

All meals, drinking water, tea, and coffee while on the boat at  during you stay Sundarbans for three days on the cruising boat.

1st class cabin on Rocket Paddle Steamer to Hularhat on twin sharing basis.(subject to availability and price will be adjust as per available option)

All site entrance fees.

Air-conditioned car, driver, and English speaking guide all the way except on the return journey of last day. 

All tips except our guide, driver, and boat crew.


What's not Included ?

Any food or drinks are other than mentioned above.

Any personal item. 

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Special Notes

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Good to know

Friday is the weekly holiday for Rocket departing from Dhaka but alternatively, you can get the regular passenger boat and Monday is the holiday for the train from Khulna, as a result, you might choose another option to come to Dhaka either by bus or by air.

If for some unexpected reason Rocket ticket is not available at all, we’ll take you up to Barisal by a traditional ferry/Regular passenger ferry (overnight part) all the way to hularhat. 

1st class tickets of Rocket and train depends on availability. You might have to travel in the 2nd class if 1st class is not available.  There is not any significant difference in the 1st class and 2nd class on the rocket steamer, the only difference is: on 1st and 2nd class on the Rocket is, 2nd class is located in the backside, and have no air-conditioning. Other facilities are the same. Passengers of the 2nd class can use all the facilities of 1st class, e.g. dining area, sitting area on the front side.

In case of traveling on the 2nd class of train, you’ll have a reserved seat for your comfortable journey all the way up to Dhaka.

We appreciate it if you make the booking for this tour at least 03 weeks in advance.

Things to carry at Sundarban

Torch / flashlight 


Camera with extra batteries. 

Mosquito repellent for the (mosquito nets are provided on a boat in the cabin) 

Sun protection (Hat, lotion, shades) 

Lightweight walking shoes, which won’t come off easily (During the activities you might be crossing muddy patches) 

Full sleeve clothes for walks in the forest and cool evenings ( Preferably not in bright colors) 

From November to February: warm clothes, as it can be very cold 

Hard drinks of your own 

Swimming gear & Towel 

Raincoat or umbrella.

Field guide of identification Book for your area of interest 

Any medication needed for yourself 

Reading the material, board games, etc.

Code of ethics and conduct for visitors to the Sundarban reserve forest.

Please read this code of ethics and conduct carefully and follow the advice of your guides. Educate others about the importance of being an eco-tourist and how to behave appropriately in the forest. 

Inform yourself about the Sundarban Reserve Forest before you visit. 

Dress in as dark as possible and garments that blend with the flora. Thus, this will help to minimize the impact on the fauna and increase your chances of seeing wildlife. 

Safety is important to you and your friends. Always ensure that armed forest guards and/or an experienced guide accompany you. They are your friends, and their knowledge and experience are essential for your protection. 

Whenever possible try to utilize boats to minimize your walks in the forest. Stop the boat engines when viewing wildlife and taking photographs. Leave the animals undisturbed. 

Please walk silently and in small groups in the forest, follow and respect the signs, remain in the areas of public access only and do not disturb the wildlife, ongoing research or the other visitors. 

Respect the fragility of the forest. Do not cut, extract and damage the flora. 

Dispose of waste properly or if no bins are available, bring it back with you when possible. Do not leave or throw or litter anything inside the forest, including cigarette butts. 

Respect the privacy and dignity of others. Always ask before photographing people. 

Do not buy, encourage or trace products from endangered plants or animals (skins, antlers, teeth, etc.) Hunting in the reserve forest is illegal. Fishing in the sanctuary areas is forbidden. 

Do not use any loudspeakers or create loud noise, or set bonfires inside the forest. 

Support the Forest Department initiatives and other conservation programs and organizations working to preserve the Sundarban Reserve Forest. 

Leave behind only footprints. Take only photographs. No graffiti. 

Activity in Sundarban


The very location of Kotka forest station is unique. Towards the south

There is a sweet water pond (near the forest office) where many birds and wildlife make a regular visit for drinking water. Normally it is a very good place for a wildlife photographer to take pictures. In the afternoon just to sit on the jetty and looking to the south is worthwhile. In the months of March- October the south- western strong monsoon wind will be there to greet and cool you down. One can also take a stroll to the west and into the forest to have a close look at the forest as well as to watch some wildlife. is the Bay of Bengal, on the west you have the long jetty and on the east and north you have the forest. 

Depending upon the interest of the group and availability of time this trip May last between 1-2 hours. We can take any number of people on this trip. The best way to experience the forest and watch wildlife is by staying absolutely quiet in the Forest. Avoiding brightly coloured wears (i.e. red, yellow) will enhance your chances of seeing wildlife from a close distance. Generally, one or more guide along with armed forest guards will accompany you on this trip. 

Things to take along: camera, binoculars, hat, water, walking shoe/s, sneakers, a pair of good eyes& ears. 


This boat trip is probably the best way to experience this unique ecosystem and its tranquillity of the Sunderban from close proximity. Staying quiet is the first and foremost requirement of the trip, as the careless chatters may make the wildlife disappear even before they are spotted by the visitors. It is the best not to have any brightly coloured wears on this trip. Darker shades of green, grey are best to wear on this trip. 

Depending upon the interest of the group and availability of time this trip May last between 1-3 hours. Normally we recommend this trip early morning around sunrise, or in the afternoon starting around 3-4 pm. We can take as many as 25 people on our big country boat while on the smaller one we can take a maximum of 12 people. Generally, one guide accompanies this trip who can help you identify the birds and wildlife. 

Things to take along: Water, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Binoculars, Hat or Umbrella. 


This is a long beach hiking trip normally offered between Kotka and Kochikhali. It is better to have this trip started immediately after breakfast. The hike involves about 6 km walk mainly through the beach between Kotka and Kochikhali. The journey will take you through the meadow mostly with a brief passage into the forest of dense Gewa trees. A quiet walk shall help you to see birds and wildlife. 

The destination of the walk is a white sandy beach, probably the best in the country can offer. On the beach you can spend the time walking on the beach, swimming, playing football or volleyball. You can also spend your time just sitting and sunbathing. Even though the water is a bit murky with sediments, it still offers a very nice and relaxing swimming experience in the safety of shallow waters. 

Most of the time the walk will be through dry land, but you might have to cross through the small tidal channel during the monsoon and during spring tides when the water reaches part of this walkway. 

Depending upon the interest of the group and availability of time this trip may last 2-4 hours. We can take any number of people on this trip. It is important that the group maintains a single queue and not make much noise during the walk. Generally, one or more guide along with armed forest guards will accompany this trip. 

Things to take Along: Water, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Towel, Swimming gears, Hat or Umbrella. 


This is the easternmost forest station in the south. Once this place was selected by some international wildlife and conservation agency as the first tiger project area in the country. For some reason that never happened but the name tiger point remained associated with this place. Like other here also there is a rest house, sweet water pond and a meadow extended to the south to the Bay of Bengal. On the right there lies the forest. It is very interesting to have a walk from in front of the forest station to the south-west and south and reach the beach after about 1 hour of lazy walk. After arriving on to the beach you may have a walk/ bath/ swim before going back to the mother boat. 

Depending upon the interest of the group and availability of time this trip May last between 1-2 hours. We can take any number of people on this trip. The best way to experience the forest and watch wildlife is by staying absolutely quiet in the Forest. Avoiding brightly coloured wears (i.e. red, yellow) will enhance your chances of seeing wildlife from a close distance. Generally, one or more guide along with armed forest guards will accompany you on this trip. 

Things to take along: Camera, Binoculars, Hat, Water, Walking shoe/s, Sneakers, a pair of good eyes & ears. 


Boyar Khal (channel) is one of the most beautiful places you will find in Kotka area. Especially in the afternoon and in the morning, this creek looks. Beautiful with Keora trees on both the sides of this channel. A quiet boat trip is very rewarding in this creek. 

A boat trip goes into this channel for about 700 m for bird watching and from their walk about 40 minutes into the forest to reach a place once upon a time used to be a place where people used to collect salt, is an ideal option for a small enthusiastic group .the walk takes place in a very dense part of the forest, and depending on the tide walk can be very muddy at times. For the walk, a pair of good boots is recommended. 

Generally, one or more guide along with armed forest guards will accompany you on this trip. 

Things to take along: Camera, Binoculars, Hat, Water, a pair of good eyes & ears. 

***This activity will only be offered by particular guide/s.



Group Size BDT price per person USD price per person
2 50000 $520

Please send a mail or WhatsApp at +8801714085999 for the price.