Curzon Hall

Curzon Hall

The Curzon hall was built during the British reign in India. It is named after Lord Curzon who served as the viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905. In 1904 the foundation stone of Curzon hall was laid by Lord Curzon and was originally intended to be used as the town hall. 


A beacon for strength and solidarity

Curzon Hall, Dhaka University
Front View of Curzon Hall, Dhaka University - Photo Source: flicker

After the partition of Bengal in 1905, the building was used as the Dhaka College campus in 1911. And later when Dhaka University was formed in 1921 the building became a part of the science faculty of the university. Its massive structure acts as a beacon for the strength and solidarity of education in this country. 


Color and decor

Curzon Hall, Dhaka University
The side view of Curzon Hall, Dhaka University - Photo Source: flicker

Curzon hall has mesmerizing architecture. The building has a magnificent red color without the use of red sandstones. The structure blends the unique style of European and Mughal architecture to combine traditional art with modern features. Curzon hall has beautiful Domes and exquisite horseshoes and cusped arches with ornamented brackets, deep eaves, and domed terrace pavilions.


Structures of Curzon hall

Front view of Curzon Hall, Dhaka University
Front view of Curzon Hall, Dhaka University - Photo Source: flicker

The gigantic double-storied building made of brick has a large central hall, lateral wings on the east and west with several rooms, and a continuous verandah on all sides.

The structures have similarities to that of the fortress of Fatehpur Sikri, the capital of Emperor Akbar between 1970 and 1985.  A botanical garden is also present in front of the entrance of the building and is used in the study of botany. 


Language movement and Curzon hall

Curzon Hall, Dhaka Univesity
Tourists in front of the Curzon Hall, Dhaka University - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

Although Curzon hall didn’t serve its original purpose, this 100-year-old building still holds a large significance in history. In 1948 during the language movement students protested in front of Curzon hall when the Pakistani government Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared that Urdu will be the only state language of Pakistan.


Surrounding Curzon hall

It is located on High Court Street at Dhaka University. Visitors can also roam around to see the beautiful botanical garden, student dormitories, and Shahid Ullah Hall Pool. Other department buildings and mentionable places such as TSC and Bangla Academy are just within walking distance. 

Curzon Hall at Dhaka University.
Curzon Hall at Dhaka University : Photo Credit Clement Ong


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