Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary

Baikka Beel Wetland Sanctuary


Baikka Beel is shallow but a large lake located in the southern end of the wetland called Hail Haor. You will find somewhere in the midway of Srimangal and Moulivi Bazar district. This wetland Hail Haor covers 4000 hectares but that enlarge up to 14000 hectares during monsoon which is vast in size but Baikka Beel occupies only 170 hectares of the total land of Hail Haor.

Since 2003 Baikka Beel is a permanent wetland sanctuary. In this wetland, fishing is banned and the reproduction of healthy fish invites an enormous number of migratory birds in the winter season every year and many tourist come to visit this Sanctuary. It is maybe turning into a real bird sanctuary in Bangladesh. Tourisme is flourishing in this area rapidly. 


Positive impact on the biodiversity

migratory bird at baikka beel

The migratory birds are flying in Baikka Bee, Srimangal - Photo Credit: Ashif Aziz

For the past few years, it has been observing that Baikka Beel has created a positive impact on the biodiversity of both birds and fish. For instance, there were 160 species birds in 2013 presently that number has increased by 194. The augmentation of vegetation attracting more birds and wide-ranging fieldwork by scientists revealing more species. Likewise, species of fish have reached up to 106 today whereas 98 was in the year 2013. 


How to get there?


migratory bird at Baikka Beel

Birds flying at Baikka Beel, Srimangal -  Photo Credit: Shanto X Extreme

The distance from Dhaka of this scenic wetland Sanctuary is 3 hours’ drive. It is very much popular among nature lovers and especially to the ornithologist. Different people and organizations do research on the life science of birds and fish and those who learn about the working of nature. This wetland sanctuary has got two watchtowers.


What to do?

Watchtower at Baikka Beel for the  tourist, Baikka beel, Srimangal
Watchtower at Baikka Beel for the  tourist, Baikka beel, Srimangal - Photo Source: Bengal Visit

Visitors generally take a half-day sightseeing tour at Baikka Beel, can observe a big number of different species of birds climbing on the watchtower thus the activity of the birds remains peaceful and undisturbed. Yes, one can do the cruising on this wetland sanctuary by small country boat at a certain time of day but approaching and disturbing the birds is highly discouraged. 


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