Dhakeshwari Temple, The National Hindu Temple of Bangladesh

Dhakeshwari Temple, The National Hindu Temple of Bangladesh


Bangladesh’s national temple known as Dhakeshwari Mandir, one of the enlightening creations from the 12th-century legend named Ballalsena. 1 km from the Lalbagh fort’s north zone and it takes to reach there which is situated in Puran Dhaka.

This place used to be a commonplace for local Hindus of that era as it was not given any structural design, but during the subjugation of Muslims, all the materials which were essential to growing that place including embodiments were imported.


Goddess of Dhaka

Dhakeshawri Temple, Dhaka
Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

The builder of this sacred place had little knowledge about the practice of Bengal culture if we talk about the architectural designs and structures, as it more likely featured religion of Arakanese and their practices.

The connection of Tantric Buddhism of the Maghs relies upon the twin deities with the ten-armed and four-armed deity named Dhakeshwari and Vasudeva respectively.


Background history of Dhakeshwari Temple

Dhakeshawri Temple
Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

Arakanese King Raja Malhana also is known as Husan shah whose younger son Mangat Ray alias Ballalsena who eloped and started staying in Dhaka had more influence on making all these fuzz.

The ancient Maghs had such spiritual belief on the deity and based upon the origin of Ballalsena it has been guessed that this one man was behind that upbringing of Maghs’culture.


A different phase of renovation

Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka
Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

The secrecy of this holy temple is yet a mystery and has not been unveiled owing to the article from Bradley Birt where he talked about its foundation aged 200 years by the East India Company’s Hindu agent.

Destructions caused by the Pak army during the liberation war in 1971, cost more of the authenticity of this sacred zone, though repairs were done and in times renovations were made with the sense of modern age.

Despite the presence of the unique flavor of the previous era, people of this very community find it more acceptable and satisfied with the latest attributes of this place.


Various parts of the temple

Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka
Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

Every day devotees with their different purposes come to pay a visit in this mandir and arranges puja to fulfill their wishes. Different followers of individual god or goddess can be seen here; the northern side of the temple consists of similar sized and shaped four little sanctuaries for Lord Shiva planting the Shiva linga inside.

The principal temple is to be found to the north end of the Nat mandir confronting south. The mixture of botanical and sculptural flavor, the main area is sectioned with three particular rooms and a vast area of varenda for rest recreation. Making an entrance by ringing the bell in front of the door creates an ambiance of holy spirit all over the places.


Closing time & other info

Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka
Dhakeshawri Temple, Old Dhaka - Photo Source: flicker

It would be really silly for anyone visiting the temple around 2-4 pm as it remains closed for these two hours. Leaving shoes outside is fine but it would be wise to leave them in the safe zone where a man would be sitting to collect them, and while leaving just pay a little tip like 10-20 taka in BDT.

Priests are very much conscious about their rituals and small detailed religious practices, so avoiding things which are not your belongings are the right decisions to take while visiting there, for instance, worshipers, flowers, especially food unless anyone offers.


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