Goaldi Mosque, The Singe of Muslim Rulers

Goaldi Mosque, The Singe of Muslim Rulers


During the reign of Sultan Hussain Shah in 1519, the mosque was built by Hizabar Akbar Khan who was probably a high official under Sultan Hussain Shah. The mosque was built just outside the city of Sonargaon, which shows that it was an important place at the time.


Pre-mughal structure

Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan
Outside of the Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

Sultan Hussain Shah probably had an office or residence of a high officer at Goaldi as he set for a long camp there when he started his campaign against Tripura and Assam, right on the other side of Meghna river. This little mosque is the oldest pre- Mughal mosque in the area and was in complete ruin when the department of archeology declared it as a heritage site. The mosque was covered with bushes and was carefully restored in 1975.


Similar to the sultanate mosque at Bagerhat

Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan
The backside of Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

The mosque has a single dome at the top and is more elegant and designed compared to the earlier sultanate mosque in Bagherhat. the mosque has three arched entrances in the east and one on north and south which are now bricked up. The four corners with squinch arches support the dome on pendentives.

With 16 sq feet, the beautiful little mosque has delicately carved mihrabs. The center mihrabs of the three are beautifully carved in black stone with floral and arabesque relief and the two on both sides are decorated with fine terracotta artwork. Rectangular frames are used to decorate the spandrels of the multi-cusped arches of the mihrab. 


How to be there from the folk art museum?

Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan
The Frontside of Goaldi Mosque, Sonargoan - Photo Credit

After you reach the Folk Art Museum, take the road west from the second gate of the museum, after half a mile you will reach Goaldi Bazar More and take a right. Or you can directly go to the mosque if you take a rickshaw or auto-rickshaw.


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