Jaflong, The Best Tourist Destination At Sylhet.

Jaflong, The Best Tourist Destination At Sylhet.


The waterfalls of the hills of Meghalaya form the beautiful river Piani which flows directly to Bangladesh. The river carries lots of stones with the tide to Bangladesh. The stones are collected by the locals here and are used for various construction purposes. The whole stone collection process is very interesting and attracts a lot of photographers. The size of the stones is humongous which also attracts the tourist. The collected stones are then sent to the giant crushers which break them down for various construction proposes.


How far from no-mans-land?

No-mans-land starts from Bangladesh end, Sylhet
No-mans-land starts from Bangladesh end, Sylhet - Photo Credit: Hasan Talukder (flicker)

The Zero point of Jaflong is the no-mans-land of the border between the two countries Bangladesh and India. This place gives the best view of the Meghalaya hills, standing right on the border of Bangladesh. The river flows from Meghalaya to Bangladesh through this place and a bridge between two hills in India is one of the most iconic pictures of Jaflong. 

During the dry seasons, this is can be accessed by foot but during the monsoon, you need a boat from Bolla Ghat to access this place. Lots of tourist boats are available for you to access this place during the monsoon.

About 700 meters west of the zero points is the Sengram punji waterfall. On dry seasons you just need to cross the river and reach the rest of the path by foot but during the monsoon the water level is high and you need to travel by boat to reach the waterfall. Although the waterfall falls on the Indian side of the border, Bangladeshi tourists can also visit the place. The waterfall is filled with water and beautiful during the monsoon. 


The village of Khasia tribe

A mother from Khashia Tribe having bath with her kid at Piani river, Jaflong, Sylhet
A mother from Khashia Tribe having a bath with her kid at Piani river, Jaflong, Sylhet  - Photo Credit: Niaz Arif (flicker)

Located just opposite side of the waterfall is the beautiful village of the people of the Khasia tribe. The main profession of the Khasia people is to grow betel leaves and betel nuts. The architecture of the khasia homes is very unique. This village can be accessed on foot on the dry season and during monsoon, you need a boat.

In this remote place, the strongest infrastructure is the Jaflong bridge. The bridge gives you a stunning view of the Pinani river as well and the hills of Meghalaya. The surrounding Jaflong area can be viewed from here too. This is a good place to spend your relaxing evening.


Key tourist attraction, stone collection

Stone Collection at Jaflong, Sylhet
Stone Collection at Jaflong, Sylhet - Photo Credit: Moniruzzaman Monir

The main source of revenue for Jaflong is the stone collection. Almost everyone in Jaflong is somehow related to the collection of stones. In the beginning phase, people collect the stones from the river, others buy the stones from them and sell them to the crushing companies. The crushing companies cut the stones on various shapes for construction proposes. The stones are then sent all over Bangladesh to uses. All this process creates a lot of jobs for the people of Jaflong. 

When you enter Jaflong you will see huge stone crushing yards that go for several miles. People carry the stones on their heads to the crushing machines and piles the stones outside the yards. The continuous work of the crushing machines and the loading and unloading of the yards are filled with activities. 


Accommodation and eating

Jaflong, piani river, Sylhet
Jaflong, Piani river, Sylhet - Photo Credit: Tairan Mahmud 

Jaflong is a one day tour but if you want to stay for the night there are various hotels of place range from 2000tk to 300tk. And the best time to visit Jaflong is the monsoon when the rivers and waterfall are full. But if you are interested to see the stone collection then you must come on the dry season as there is no activity on monsoon.


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