National Parliament Building

National Parliament Building


The Jatiya Sangsa,  জাতীয় সংসদ ভবন (Bengali for "National" and "Parliament" respectively)  and known in English as the “ House of the Nation” is the supreme legislative body of Bangladesh. The country has been comfortable with the parliamentary style of administration for more than 150 years. The complex was designed by the world-famous American architect and former Yale University professor, Louis Isadore Kahn.

It is regarded by many as his greatest masterpiece and one of the wonders of modern architecture. It currently contains 350 seats, including 50 seats reserved for women. The current Prime Minister,  Sheikh Hasina Wazed, was appointed in January 2009 by the President of Bangladesh. She is the longest-serving prime minister in the country's history. Parliament convenes in one of the most fascinating architectural creations and is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world, consisting of 200 acres (800,000 m²).


National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aerial view of the National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker


Attributes of the national parliament building

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

Parliament is surrounded by a beautiful lake, green lawns and comfortable residences for the Members of the Parliament.  The main building is divided into three parts – the Main Plaza, South Plaza, and Presidential Plaza. Circular windows and doors let in natural light which forms circles, triangles, and rectangles as it enters the spacious interiors.   

The physical and engineering structure of the structure radiates a solid Modern age vibe. The insides evidently take after a cutting edge church converged with unadulterated geometrical components. Geometrical windows permit common light as circles, triangles, and square shapes, it's extremely solid and shortsighted.  

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

The utilization of cement and its truly noticeable job as the predominant structural material is by no chance a mishap, without a doubt, it was extremely purposeful and evidently regular of Kahn's work instead of considering it to be a half-finished structure like the Lalbagh. Using light and space to make an 'idyllic substance' are the draftsman's own words which shaped the premise of his numerous works and building reasoning. Like the Taj Mahal, it looks astonishing seen from far off, however, it is considerably more than the fundamental structure – the whole intricate and grounds are lovely. The complex is isolated into three sections.


Main plaza

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

 The most significant piece of the Main Plaza is the Parliament Chamber, which can house up to 354 Members during Parliamentary Sessions. There are likewise two platforms and two displays for VIP guests. The Chamber has a most extreme stature of 117' with an allegorical shell rooftop. The rooftop was planned with the freedom of a solitary story to let in light. Sunshine, reflecting from the encompassing dividers and octagonal drum, channels into the Parliament Chamber. The proficient and tasteful utilization of light was a solid compositional capacity of Louis Kahn.  


National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

 The counterfeit lighting framework has been carefully formulated to give zero impediments to the passage of sunshine. A composite light fixture is suspended from explanatory shell rooftop. This crystal fixture thusly comprises of a metallic web, crossing the whole chamber that supports the individual light fixture. Upper degrees of the square (that contains the Chamber) contain the guest and press exhibitions, just as correspondence stalls, all of which disregard the Parliament Chamber. The square likewise contains: 


The south plaza 

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

The South Plaza faces the Manik Mia Avenue. It progressively ascends to a 20' stature and fills in as a beautiful outside just as the primary passage (utilized by individuals during sessions) to the Parliament Building. 


The presidential plaza 

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

The Presidential Plaza misleads the North and appearances the Lake Road. It works as a personal square for the MPs and different dignitaries. It contains marble steps, a display, and an open asphalt.  

A complicatedly structured lake encompasses the principal building. On the North of complex, over the Lake Road, has excellent little counterfeit lake called Crescent Lake, and there is a monument of President Ziaur Rahman. The two buildings together structure a noteworthy fascination for sightseers in Dhaka. The edifices are well known among joggers and skaters of Dhaka.

The official Prime Minister's Residence is on the North-West corner of the Mirpur Road and Lake Road crossing and is a five-minute stroll from the Bangladesh national parliament. The area is one of the most used surveillance camera domain of Dhaka. This structure is limited by four noteworthy boulevards. The Complex can be gotten to utilizing any of the four streets encompassing it, be that as it may, the Manik Mia Avenue and Lake Road are the most effortless methodologies. Lake Road is more beautiful than from Manik Mia Avenue in the south. 

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Photo Source: flicker

In spite of the fact that not a relic of the recorded age, it is viewed as a magnum opus of present-day design. This makes an incredible traveling site to visit when in Dhaka. Be that as it may, pitiful to state, this brilliant bit of engineering work frequently discovered concealed and disregarded. Mr. Kahn’s design and use of space, light, and concrete as the dominant material certainly makes this one of the most significant modern buildings – a must-see for every visitor interested in architecture.

A Closer view of Parliament Building.
A Closer view of the Parliament Building. Photo Credit @ Sayed, Travel and Explore BD 

Some Quick Facts about National Parliament House of Bangladesh.  

Out of many places to visit in Dhaka the National Parliament House (Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban) is a one of the major tourist attractions of Bangladesh. Louis Kahn, the renowned designer, is the architect and construction of the building that was started in 1964 but during the construction period due to the liberation war, construction process got disturbed and in 1982 it was finished. 

  • This is one of the largest legislative complexes across the globe.
  • A total area of 200 acres of land has been used to make this masterpiece. 
  • There are 11 floors in this building and measures 200 feet high.
  • Local marble, concrete, and brick were used to construct this building along the water space surrounding the building. 
  • There are offices and meeting rooms that surrounded the building and has a central courtyard. 
  • National assembly complex of Bangladesh is described as monumental because of its scale, geometries, and presence of light.


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