Srimangal Travel Guide

Srimangal Travel Guide


If you talk about the capital of the tea and first of the name will come in your mind is Srimangal. In the mountainous area, you will see here the tea gardens miles after miles. The best quality of tea in the world is produced here in this garden and we export tea to the western market. Beside this tea garden, you also will find rubber gardens, lemon orchards and the pineapple gardens, Lawachara dense rainforest, wetland sanctuary, Madavpur lake, different tribal communities, etc.


Things to do at srimangal

Being the closest tourist spot from Dhaka, Srimangal is the only place that comes first to visit and that's why this place is not only favorite to the national tourists but also a lot of foreign tourists visit this place every year.  What you can see at Srimangal here are some “Things To Do at Srimangal”


Lawachara rain rorest

Lawachara Rain forest. Photo Credit: Hasib Wahab (flicker)

The big hub of biodiversity and home of numerous flora and fauna. It is one of the last tropical rainforests in Bangladesh and home of globally endangered Hollock Gibbons. An early morning trekking in the forest is a must-do activity while you are at Srimangal. 


Visiting tea plantation

There are many tea gardens around the Srimangal and many of those are just on the main road and to see nature in the calm way we suggest you go further to the Lawachara forest towards Madavapur lake to see the misty green tea gardens and merger yourself with nature. 


Visit madavpur lake

This is artificial like surrounded by the many tea gardens and is one of the visited places by the local tourist. On route, you also can see the starting point of the tea gardens until the gardens get grown-up for production. 


Tribal villages

Srimangal is also hosting many tribal communities called Khashia, Manipuri, and Tripura. You may visit those villages while you do the trekking at the Lawachara forest and see their unique lifestyle and their profession. They also make a lot of handicraft items that you can buy on the spot as a souvenir.  


Hamham waterfall

Hamham Water Fall At Srimangal
Hamham Water Fall At Srimangal - Photo Credit:  bijoy sarkar hamham

it’s a waterfall but you need the full day to visit this place and summertime is best to visit this waterfall. this activity will be very good for you if you like walking a lot. Better to hire a local guide with you to visit this place. 


Baikka beel

 Baikka Beel at Srimangal
 Baikka Beel at Srimangal - Photo Credit:  Ashif Aziz

This is a wetland sanctuary. If you are a bird lover, then this the best place for you. In the afternoon or in the early morning is the best time to visit this place. This place is very popular because of the migratory bird and biodiversity. 


Seven-layer tea

In the Manipuri tribal village you will find these unique 7 layers of tea and there are many anecdotes on this 7-layer tea. An afternoon you might spend some time there to see how popular this tea is to the local people! and try to find the reason. On the way back you might go for a walk at the handicraft shop that the products on display are produced by the local. 


Reama Kalenga reserve forest

Reama Kalenga Reserve Forest
Reama Kalenga Reserve Forest - Photo Credit: A. K. M. Ibrahim Hossen 

It is also a reserved forest and situated in Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj district. This dense forest is the home of diverse flora and fauna including a few endangers species.


Cycling around the tea gardens

Cycling Around the Tea Garden
Cycling Around the Tea Garden - Photo Credit: Russel Alam

This is also one of the popular activities In Srimangal. To cover a much greener area in a quick and noise-free transport than hire a bicycle and go for a ride in the sloppy zigzag tea states. 


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