Tajhat Palace in Rangpur

Tajhat Palace in Rangpur


There are a few govt. own places of attraction in Bangladesh and Tajhat Palace is one of them which is stunning in beauty and gigantic in size. It is a specimen of the historical palace which was built at the beginning of the 20th Century. This old building is converted into a museum in the present time, is three kilometers southeast of Rangpur city center. 


Construction of Tajhat Palace

Tajhat palace
Front View of Tajhat Palace - Photo Credit: Arman Habib Raihan

About 76 meters long, 2 stories of the edifice, The Tajhat Palace has a spectacular front look. A ribbed conical dome supported by using a tall octagonal neck is positioned in the middle of the roof and crowns the palace. The railing initially featured marble sculptures of conventional Roman figures, those have disappeared since long back. 

These are just some of the superb aspects that continue to attract visitors from around the world to this small corner of the earth.  This 100-year-old palace is truly a superstructure and visitors often discover themselves astonished by the details of craftsmanship that is found in every corner of this edifice. 

The material, white stones, marbles stone, limestone and redbrick were used to build this magnificent palace were imported from different parts of the subcontinent. There were 2000 people worked together to build this royal palace and spent almost 1.5 million USD the then time. 


Tajhat represents what?

Tajhat palace
Tajhat Palace - Photo Credit: wikimedia.org

The name Tajhat came from where? No one knows exactly but, the historian says that Gopal Lal Roy was a jeweler by profession who migrated from Panjab up to Rangpur and made his fortune here. As was a jeweler and he worked with the golden “Taj” means crown and “hat” means Local Bazar. Later he became the Zamindar of Tajhat estate as a minor after his father passed away. 

This palace also was a place to celebrate the Pahela Baishak (Bengali New Year) along with the “Bau Mela” (fair of wives) for women. There was another type of festival was celebrated in this palace called “Kite Festival” for the children during the Pahela Baishak (the first two days of Bengali new year). 


Conversion from a palace into a museum

Corridor of Tajhat Palace
Corridor of Tajhat Palace - Photo Credit: Arghya Banik (flicker)

During the period of General Ershad, this palace was used as a Rangpur High Court Brach of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh from 1984 to 1991. Later, in 1995, the Department of Archaeology has declared this place as a protected monument. 

To recognize the architectural value, the Government of Bangladesh has converted the 2nd floor of this palace into Rangpur museum in 2005. Then there are also some terracotta relics of the 10th and 11th century on the 2nd and 3rd floor and there also you will find some materials used by Maharaj Gopal Lal Roy the then time in the palace.  

There are also some manuscripts, including some copies of Mahavarat, Ramayan and a Quran. In rooms in the backside, you will also find some black stone Hindu carvings that are mainly of the deity Vishnu. Photography inside the museum premises is prohibited. 


Opening and closing time of Tajhat Palace

Tajhat Palace
Tajhat Palace Back Side - Photo Credit: Ibrahim Husain Meraj 

From 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, Tajhat Palace is open for the visitors 7 days a week.  However, the museum located on the 1st floor of the palace has a timetable as below. Only on Sunday, the museum will remain closed but the palace will remain open all the time.


Summer timing  ( April – September ) 

Tuesday - Saturday : 10 . 00 AM - 01 . 00 PM and 01 . 30 PM - 06 . 00 PM 

Friday : 10 . 00 AM - 12 . 30 PM  and 02 . 30 PM – 06 . 00 PM 

sunday : Weekly Holiday 

Monday : 02 . 30 PM - 06 . 00 PM 


Winter timing ( October – March ) 

Tuesday - Saturday : 09 . 00 AM - 01 . 00 PM  and 01 . 30 PM - 05 . 00 PM 

Friday : 09 . 00 AM - 12 . 30 PM and 02 . 00 PM - 05 . 00 PM 

Sunday : Weekly Holiday 

Monday : 01 . 30 PM - 05 . 00 PM 


During Eid Holidays: Tajhat Palace will remain closed for visitors during Eid day and the previous day of Eid but It will remain open as usual from the next day of Eid day. 

Timing during Ramadan: Tajhat Palace will be closed just at 04. 00 PM during the holy month of Ramadan.

All Govt. Holidays:  Tajhat Palace will remain closed during any govt. holiday. 


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