Things to do at Cox's Bazar

Things to do at Cox's Bazar


Cox’s Bazar is a city, fishing port and one of the tourist hubs in Bangladesh situated in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. It is under the Chittagong division and 414 kilometers away from Dhaka. This is a spectacular city for the scenic beauty, green hills, waterfall, unbroken 120 kilometers of sandy beach and many more.


Cox's Bazar sea beach

Cox’s Bazar Sea beach is the very best tourist place in Bangladesh having 120 kilometers longest unbroken sea beach in the world. One can reach Cox’s Bazar in many ways. By air from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and there are numerous direct flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. You may go there by bus also. There is another option to reach there via Chittagong. From Dhaka by train and from Chittagong by bus. In this city there all ranges of hotels available with all the facilities. The beach is very sandy and calm by the mother nature along with the background of long pine trees. Within the city, you can move by Rickshaw, small cabs or CNG (three-wheeler autos). One can go for swimming easily as this part of this beach is not turbulent. Kids can enjoy horse riding and many other water games available here. Where and what you will eat?  Just no tension. There are plenty of restaurants with fresh seafood available within your walking distance.  A weekend in Cox’s Bazar to enjoy Cox’s Bazar Beach to refresh your body and mind will be a worthy tour.


Inani beach

Inani Beach - Photo credit:

You can reach to Inani Beach by  CNG (Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw) hiring it for 5 to 6 hours paying about 500 takas. On route, you also can visit Doria Nogor, Himchori hill, and waterfall. It is one of the nice beaches with an 18-kilometer long beach. There you can have a nice view of a lot of coral stones. In the summer and rainy season these coral stones take on greenly shade and this beach is particularly very popular for these rocks and boulders. The view of sunrise and sunset is truly stunning and very much memorable as you can view the hills from one side and the sea from the other side. There you will see crystal blue water stored in between the stones and may sea creatures like small sea fish, crabs, snail and many more. The Inani Beach is particularly spectacular for its silent nature and eccentric environment. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Cox’s Bazar.  


Marine drive

The Famous Marin Drive build By Bangladesh Army, Cors of Engr - Photo

The total length of this road is 80 kilometers constructed by Bangladesh Army. The first one kilometer is really tiering to pass but after getting off the city area you are just on the flying approach. There are few areas of this road just not by the seaside but through scenic beautiful villages. The uniqueness of this road is one side you will find a straight line of hills and on the other side blue ocean. This is the most beautiful and longest road which is led to calm, quiet, green and the ocean lapping away. It is a must-visit tourist attraction once you are Cox’s Bazar. 



Himchari - Photo Credit: ireshzaker

If you spend on the flat land the whole of your life, then this is unlike many other tourist destinations where you will find a combination of green hilltops and blue ocean sandy beach. This is one of the closest tourist spots from Cox’s Bazar. You also can go there by walking through the beach most people don’t do in this way. People go there by tuk-tuk (CNG-a three-wheeler auto). Unfortunately, not well maintained a lot of local visitors because there is a park and a small waterfall there. You need to be very much energetic to climb up to the top as there are 1000 steps to pass. But once you climbed there, then you will find how beautiful nature can be !! just amazing. 


Radiant fish world

Radiant Fish World - Photo Credit: Moheen Reeyad 

Once there were not many things to do at Cox’s Bazar except the beach activity. But now things are changed. A private entrepreneur has built this place for the tourist who comes to visit Cox’s Bazar. Yes, I am talking about the Radiant Fish World which is the amazing collection of sea creatures for an exhibition. The best part is feeding the fishes and if you go with your children then it is even worthy as this will be truing into an educational tour along with the fun. They also offer 3D movie and they have a good restaurant and good parking facilities. The entry fee is 300 Taka. 


100 feet Buddha

100 Feet Buddha - Photo Credit: Viator

The 3rd largest in the world and biggest in Bangladesh 100 feet long Buddha in golden color located at Rami, Cox’s Bazar. This can view from a far distance. If you have seen the reclining Buddha in Thailand or Vietnam, you might be a bit disappointed to see the accuracy of the shape of it, but it is truly an elegant specimen of religious respect for all religions. The best time to visit this place is the morning time and the surroundings are pretty and calm very much photogenic. 


Sonadia island

Sonadia Island
Sonadia Island - Photo Credit: Rocky

Sonadia Island is a naturally beautiful island under the Moheshkhali Upazila of Coxbazar District. It takes only 20 to 30 mins by speed boat to reach up to the island from the Cox’s Bazar number 6 Fisheries Ghat. To avoid long waiting time in the boat and many crowds in the boat it is suggested to take a reserve boat. This island is the home of many sea turtles, crabs, and many rare species of birds. During the winter this island becomes livelier because of many migratory birds like ducks, seagulls, fowls, and gees on the beautiful curbed sandy beach along with a nice river that flows across the island. This site could be very much attractive for nature photographers. Mostly the people do their livelihood on the fishing and dry fishing industry. 


Mermaid beach resort

Mermaid Beach Resort - Photo Credit: Mermaid Beach Resort

This is a private beach resort and they have a serene beach. They have different types of accommodation facilities like cottage, beach villas, and suites. This place is just some steps away from the dancing waves of the Bay of Bengal and best for the couple to stay. Anyone can enjoy dinner or brunch here being a non-in-house guest also. 


Laboni beach

Laboni Beach, the oldest beach at Cox's Bazar - Photo Credit: teronga

This the oldest beach in Cox’s Bazar the very best because of the view and today's Cox's Bazar because of it. From all points of view, this beach is convenient. The hotels are nearby and there is a souvenir market but don’t forget to bargain. This is a beach of common gathering. Any kindly kind of festival of govt. program this the beach is selected. There are some mid-range restaurants also nearby. Once you are at Cox’s Bazar you should be at this point the latest one time here. 


BFDC sea fish market 

Cox's Bazar Fish Market - Photo Credit: Toufiqull Islam

All the fish markets are very interesting all over Bangladesh. The way you are used to seeing in your home it is different here. You need to learn how to bargain with the local seller. Every morning all the finisher man comes from the sea with their catches after fishing a long period on the sea. They unload all the fish at this point and sell it to the local market. This sea fish goes from here to all over Bangladesh. A trip in the early morning in the fish market and roaming around the fishermen villages are overwhelming. 


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