Things To Do In Dhaka City

Things To Do In Dhaka City


Dhaka is a city of almost 20 million people which makes it the most densely populated city in the world. Here you will see full of crowd, traffic, and chaos, a continuous car horn. Being unfamiliar to this kind of environment a Western traveler may find it very tremendous at a first impression. But this city has much to offer you and shortly after you will be used to the atmosphere after seeing some smiling face and receiving greetings from unknown people. To me, being local, to make a list of the best things to do in a city on a specific order is truly difficult. We have tried to make a list of things to do in Dhaka city for you which might be contradictory, but I have made this from my previous experience and getting feedback from my previous guest. Please do not hesitate to share your opinion and suggestions about the list in the comment box.


1. A fascinating rickshaw ride at old Dhaka

Rickshaw ride at old Dhaka
Rickshaw ride at old Dhaka - Photo Credit: Abu Sayed

Rickshaws are the signature transport in Dhaka city. You will see thousands of rickshaws roam around the streets of Dhaka particularly at the old Dhaka. Due to the slowing down of the movement of the car govt. has banned the Rickshaw from the main streets but still in the narrow street thy dominate, nevertheless.  They are not costly transport and you should not miss the chance to ride a rickshaw on any street of Dhaka. In all our  Day Tours, we have a small segment of Rickshaw ride to make your Dhaka City Tour memorable. 


2. Cruising on a country boat at Buriganga river, Sadarghat

River Cruising by Small Country Boat at Buraganga River- Photo Credit: Sayed

Sadhargat, it is called the riverfront of Bangladesh. Every day a few thousand passengers’ travels to the southern part of the country every day. This is the only gateway to travel by waterway transportation especially by the multistoried gigantic passenger boat. This river is the limit line of the city and the extreme southern part of the city, although, after the river, this city continues to extend by many kilometers, thus this river keep busy always as every day there are millions of people cross this river to come the main part of the city for work and other reasons. This port is full of large passenger boats, cargo ships, small engine boats, and the tiny size of wooden boats which will give you an amazing experience to have a boat ride on this river. In all our Dhaka City Tour we offer a small country boat ride during the visit at Sadharghat. 


3. Having a taste of biriyani

Bobar Kachhi Biriyani at Old Dhaka - Photo Credit: Link Youtube

Biriyani is the iconic dish in the old Dhaka. There are a few streets which only sell biriyani. At old Dhaka, biriyani is the common food and they take biriyani as a regular meal but in the newer part of the Dhaka city we occasionally eat biriyani to celebrate the event. There are many famous brands of biriyani house as “Hajir Biriyani”, “Nanna Briiyani”, Fokruddin Biriyani and so on. The briyani is a combination of meat and rice with aromatic spices and oily too. In our Food Testing Tour and regular Dhaka City Tour, we offer biriyani as lunch or dinner to have an authentic taste of local food while you are at Dhaka. 


4. Food testing tour at old Dhaka

Food Testing Tour At Dhaka Photo Credit: The Food Ranger 

Bangladesh has its own authentic food and a unique way of eating by hand. During the tour at Dhaka City you must try as many as local food. Definitely you will be hot and spicy but should try a little amount. You not only taste the local food but also try to imitate the way of Bangladeshi people take the food by hand. Taking the food by hand you need to adopt some technique. It is not that easy as you see. We spend many years in hour childhood to learn this way of taking food by hand from our parents. You may order some plain rice along with fish and meat curries along with some liquid lentils. In our Dhaka City Tour and food testing tour at old Dhaka where you will find authentic local restaurants to taste the unique local food of Bangladesh. 


5. Walking through Hindu street of old Dhaka

Hindu Street At Old Dhaka - Photo Credit: Sayed

If you are not passionate about visiting only the places of attractions in Dhaka city rather you want to explore the authentic lifestyle of people, discover the culture and backstreets of Old Dhaka then this is one of the best things to while you are in Dhaka.  In Old  Dhaka has many interesting narrow and crowded streets which are truly rewarding to explore, particularly if you like street photography then we recommend you to visit Shakhari Bazar (Hindu Street), Islampur Road, Babu Bazar, Alu Bazar, Bongshal Road, Chawk Bazar, Suri tola, Tati Bazar, Begum Bazar. In our Dhaka City Tour, we not only take to visit the tourist spot of Dhaka we also take to visit as many as possible streets mentioned above. This activity is one of the best things to do in Dhaka. 


6. Shopping in the local market

Local people are busy with Shopping at New Market, Dhaka - Photo Credit: The Daily Independent 

During you stay at Dhaka if you reside somewhere in the north part of the city you will find a lot of big shopping mall to buy a souvenir but did you know that Bangladesh is the one the largest exporter of readymade garments. You can buy tee shirts, jeans, shirts of a different brand at a very cheaper price in the local market. But be cautious about the barging the price. At the local market, you need to hire a guide who will be helping you to negotiate the price for you.  The new market this the best place for shopping in the local market.  


7. Buy rickshaw painting from the artist

Rickshaw painting is one of the last remaining profession in Bangladesh due to getting the number of the rickshaw is getting banned in the main street and govt. is discouraging of the new production of the rickshaw. There is still some aged person still engaged with this profession and possibly the last generation. Before leaving Dhaka one rickshaw painting from the artist will be worth what you will not find it, perhaps, if you come the second time in Dhaka after one decade. This activity also will be a contribution to the artist to encourage him to continue this unique profession. 


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