You Must Know Before Arrival To Bangladesh

You Must Know Before Arrival To Bangladesh


Where is Bangladesh located?

Bangladesh is a small country located in South-east neighboring two countries, bordering three sides with India and one small part of Myanmar and the full south side by the Bay of Bengal. Before 1947 it was the colony of British and at that time Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan were together called sub-continent. When the British left the sub-continent, it was separated into two countries based on two main religions that is India and Pakistan. Bangladesh was then part of Pakistan. In 1971 Bangladesh got the liberation from Pakistan after having a deadly war 9 months and in which 3 million people died.


How are the Bangladeshi people

Bangladesh is the country of happy people having minimum material in life. You will find people always smiling. About 180 million people live in this small country. Here the People are most hospitable and friendly toward foreigners. People will invite you and offer food and drinks without any expectations from you despite they don’t know you before. People will not refuge if you want to take a photo of them in some places you will find it even funny that people will request you to take a photo with you thus you will feel like a celebrity. 


Bangladeshi people speak in which language?

Bangladeshi people speak in Bengali or Bangla. The name of this country Bangladesh has come from “The country where the people speak in Bengali or Bangla”. Everyone here speaks in Bangla except few tribal people in the Chittagong hill tract area. 


Is English understood by the common people of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh, once upon a time, was the colony of the British. After the Bengali, English is the second language of Bangladesh. We study English in our school since grade 1. You will find always someone around you how at least understand English even he can not speak. 


What is the religion in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. More than 85% of the people of this country are Muslims. The rest of them are Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians and people from other religions. Despite being a Muslim majority country, there is not any obligation that you have to put on Borkha or the hijab. In terms of religious practice, you are liberal. You may put on hijab or Borkha but not mandatory. You can dress as you wish but we encourage you to put on a modest dress.


What are the major cities of Bangladesh?

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Almost 20 million people live in this metropolitan. There is someplace in Dhaka you will find 2500 inhabitants in every square kilometer. Chittagong is the 2nd biggest city which is the commercial and port city of Bangladesh. Sylhet, Khulna, Barishal, Rangpur, and Rajshahi are the other major cities.


What are the key tourist places to visit in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a very small country, but it has got many tourist places which are not visited by mass tourists yet. Here you will find the largest mangrove forest in the world – Sundarbans, the longest unbroken sandy beach on the planet – Cox’s Bazar, the archeological site the oldest Buddhist monastery since 3rd century, Century-old classic paddle steamer cruise through numerous rivers, misty green tea gardens on the sloppy hills at Srimangal, Rickshaw painting in the old Dhaka and the most beautiful people with an open heart to welcome the guest with warm hospitality. 


What are the tourist attractions of Dhaka?

The tourist places to visit in Dhaka city are National parliament building, Sadarghat at old Dhaka, Pink palace, Lalbaghfort, Curzon Hall, Dhaka University, Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Dhakeshawry Temple, National museum and so on. 


What is the best time to travel to Bangladesh?

From the beginning of September up to the end of March is the best time to travel to  Bangladesh. During this time the weather is cool, the sky is clear, and no rain most importantly.


Is Bangladesh safe to travel for a single lady?

Yes, it is safe to travel solo in Bangladesh regardless of men or women. There are different bogs on this you may read those to get informed. The only advice is please do not travel at night alone and ware something modest you will find everything well.  


Is it costly to travel to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a good place for backpackers.  Here you will get a room for only 4 to 5 hundred takas and breakfast paying only 50 takas and a complete meal with 250 takas.  There are 5-star hotels and higher standard restaurants in big cities if you want to travel with luxury. 


Are there local tour operators in Bangladesh?

Yes, You may contact Travel and Explore BD. We operate tours in different destinations of Bangladesh with different time our travel duration. You may choose the package from 1 to 7-day duration or packages from 8 days to 28 days duration. 


What I can buy as a souvenir from Bangladesh?

There are numerous craft shops in Dhaka city. The Arong Craft Shop is one of the biggest and they have got their outlet scattered in different parts of Dhaka city. Once you get inside this sho you will be in the paradise of Souvenir of Bangladesh. Starting from fabrics you will find all types of handcrafts. Their quality is also the best one. Naksi Kantha is one them you might choose. It is a sheet to put on instead of the blanket in an airconditioned room, fully decorated by hand weaving with colorful designs. You also will find a replica of Rickshaw, Boats, and many other things available there.  A Rickshaw Arts – 2ft x 1ft picture is a rickshaw painting that would be a fairly unique gift from Bangladesh.  The hand-painted on the tin to decorate the back part of the common transport rickshaws that you see in Dhaka in every street except few main roads.


How I can get a visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival is easy to get. All the citizens of Europe, the United States, Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many Asian countries are eligible to get a visa on arrival at airports of Bangladesh. The visa fee is around $51 USD including tax payable in foreign currency valid for 4 weeks. This on arrival visa is issued only on Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet airport and Benapole-Petraploe land border only. Here you can find details of VOA.


What penalty there will be for overstay?

There will be a 200 BDT fine for 1st 15 days, and 500 BDT fine after that. But you can extend your visa validity visiting Immigration and passport office at Agargaon. 


If I come to Bangladesh by air can I exit from here through the land port?

Yes, You can enter by air and exit by land borders and for this, you do not need any permission.


Can we use inland borders to get in and out?

Yes, “entry and exit” is permitted from any land border of Bangladesh. Visa on arrival is available only at  Benapole/Petrapole border.


Can I get a Bangladeshi visa from Kathmandu?

Quite easily. You just visit the Bangladesh mission at Kathmandu and submit the following docs: 

   1. Duly filled form. 

   2. Photocopy of your passport and photo of Nepal visa. 

   3. One copy of the photograph  

You will have a short interview and afterward, deposit the visa fee in the embassy nominated bank which is close by. You will be issued by on the same day. But you may apply for the visa on arrival at Dhaka airport.  


What is the common transportation available in Bangladesh?

Almost all the major cities are connected through the train network. Luxurious buses bus service is there both big and small cities. There is also a mass waterway transportation between Dhaka and South-Western part of the country. There are also numerous domestic flights run between Dhaka and all other big cities like Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, Barisal, Sylhet, and Syedpur. Also, you can hire from car rental to move everywhere in Bangladesh. 


How many airlines operate domestic flights in Bangladesh?

There are 4 airlines who operate regular flights between Dhaka and all other major cities. Dhaka to Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar destination are the busy route.  But all the airlines have at least one return flight between Dhaka and another city. You may check the flight schedule clicking on the airline’s website. 

   1. Bangladesh Biman

   2. Novo Air

   3. Regent Airways

   4. US Bangla airlines


What is the transportation available to travel from Bangladesh to India?

Traveling from Bangladesh to India is not difficult. You can travel by road, train, and Air also. There is train which operates train service 4 days a week from both sides. There are few bus companies including BRTC who have bus service from Dhaka to bordering cities of India like Kolkata, Siliguri, Shilong. There are many flights of different airlines that have flights from Dhaka to many cities of India. 


What internet facilities available in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has got a very fast internet service. All the telephone operators have got 4G internet service in major cities. The Grameen phone has got the widest coverage so far. The cost of mobile internet and telephone calls are very cheap. 


How I can get a SIM Card in Bangladesh?

It is a super easy process. You just need to submit your passport copy and one photograph that’s all. There are many vendors of different telephone companies scattered in every place of Dhaka city including the airport. 


What is the price of a SIM Card in Bangladesh?

The sim card is free you just need to buy one bundle the telephone operators offer you. You can choose any one of the bundles then the will provide you an activated sim card with the bundle. 


Is Micro-SIM Card available in Bangladesh?

Nowadays all the telephone operators provide integrated mini and micro sim card. 


How fast the internet is in Bangladesh?

All the mobile operators provide 4G internet in major cities. This 4G service will definitely serve your purpose but you may find also the broadband service through Wi-Fi in any hotel or restaurant. 


What are the business hours in Bangladesh?

All the govt and private corporate offices fully functional from 10 am to 4/5 pm. Friday and Saturday is the weekly day for all the govt. office and some private offices. There are many private companies including educational institutes are open on Saturday. Markets are open till 10 pm in the night. 


What are the weekly holidays in Bangladesh?

Friday and Saturday (on Saturday there are few private organizations are open)


What is the name of Bangladeshi currency?

BDT – Bangladeshi Taka is the name of our currency. We call it taka simply.  


Is the money exchange/forex office available everywhere?

You can exchange your foreign currencies in all the foreign exchange branches of any bank. There are also money exchange companies in the major cities where you can exchange your foreign currency. There is some luxurious hotel also have the money exchange facilities. 


Are ATM Machines available everywhere in Bangladesh?

You’ll find ATM machines that support international credit cards everywhere in the major cities. ATM machine is available in every major street of Dhaka city as there are at this moment 62 private commercial banks and everyone has ATM service. In the SCB, HSBC, CITY banks ATM machine accept Amex, visa, master cards. 


Does Dhaka airport have an ATM machine service?

Yes, you will find the ATM machine service of different commercial banks in Bangladesh. 



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